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Green tea is utilized in many countries worldwide uniquely in Asia. There is Obesity in Asia, and doctors recommend every individual to have Green Tea because of its unlimited health benefits and most importantly for obesity. It is a common drink used by many people on the regular basis. Green tea comes in different varieties in the market that you can purchase easily, for example, tea bag, in a form of leaf and powdered form. Even though green tea is an amazing beverage but some people worry that there is caffeine in it. So, here we tell you that green tea has very less caffeine content in it other than most of the teas and coffee and it’s harmless to your health. And you definitely consumed this drink before and after 2 hours of meal, it will be more effective. Since, its the most healthy beverage that has been used all around the world because of its healthy benefits we would like to share some green tea recipe with you. Green tea recipe will be very beneficial for your health. You can easily try this!

How to Make Green Tea In A Basic Way

There are many ways to make green tea. A person normally thinks that how much green tea I should drink? So, the answer to this is that you can consume one or two cups every day before of after meal. It is overall perfectly save to use. You will see that many green tea recipes include lemon in it, why? So, the benefits of green tea with lemon are it helps in losing weight by burning the fat faster, also every country has its own green tea recipe. Here, we will tell you the basic green tea recipe with leaves and less ingredients. Try it according to your taste!

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Green Tea

We are presenting you Green Tea Recipe, the world's famous beverage. With the help of Recipe, you can make your day and health better. Stay healthy!
Prep Time3 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time8 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: Green Tea Recipe
Servings: 1 People
Calories: 1kcal
Author: Lisa Brown


  • 1 Tablespoon Green Tea Leaves
  • 1 Cup Water
  • Half Lemon Optional
  • Honey Optional


  • The first step is to boil water. You can boil 1 cup of water in a saucepan.
  • Place the strainer on the cup and add 1 tablespoon of green tea leaves in it.
  • Then pour that boiling water on those green tea leaves and let the tea steep into the cup. This is the most important step because in this step you can make your tea stronger according to your taste. 
  • Now remove the strainer or sieve and let it cool down.
  • Add honey or lemon if you want to. This is optional, but you will have the good taste.
  • Mix it and enjoy!

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Green Tea Benefits on Your Health!

Green Tea Benefits on Your Health!

There is a motivation behind why you should have some the green tea consistently before you rest. Aside from making you feel physical at ease, green tea has a few valuable impacts on the utilizations that are obscure. The vast majority take green tea and advantage however quite acknowledge what they really gain. It has even been said that green tea is the most beneficial drink in the entire world. Stacked with a lot of supplements and cancer prevention agents, green tea has a ground-breaking impact on the body. So what are these green tea benefits?

  • Enhance the working of the Brain

Enhance the working of the Brain

Aside from influencing individuals to stay alert for more often than not, green tea has been related with influencing individuals to end up more astutely. Caffeine which is the primary supplement in tea enhances different elements of the brain.

Benefits in Weight Loss

Green tea is known to build the rate of digestion in the body helping digest more food at a quicker rate. This automatically helps in weight loss.

  • Helps in Depression

Helps in Depression

There is a particular kind of amino content which is normally found in tea leaves called theanine. This content helps people with depression or anxiety.

  • Assists with healthy skin

Assists with healthy skin

There are a lot of benefits of green tea for skin. The skin can take advantage simply by taking green tea. This is because of the nearness of calming and cell reinforcement substances found inside tea. It treats the acne and also makes the skin clean from dirt which helps in skin glow.

  • Helps with cholesterol levels

Helps with cholesterol levels

Green tea decreases the level of terrible cholesterol in the body while holding the good cholesterol. This enables the body to make a harmony among awful and great cholesterol helping people remain wellbeing.

  • Helps reducing heart diseases

Helps reducing heart diseases

Green tea is known to line the veins helping blood stream easily and this encourages the veins to adapt well to any adjustments in blood weights. Clusters are primary driver of heart assaults yet can be all around counteracted by taking green tea.

  • Prevent teeth from infection

Prevent teeth from infection

People who consume green tea on the basis daily have the finest teeth. Green tea prevents teeth from all kind of infections and tooth decay.

  • Secure you from cancer

Secure you from cancer

Recent studies have shown that green tea has content which helps in damaging the cancerous cells without damaging the other cells of the body. Mainly, it has some positive effects in preventing your body from breast cancer.

  • Reduce blood pressure problems

Reduce blood pressure problems

If you consume green tea daily, you will see a positive effect on your health in terms of blood pressure. It helps normalize the blood pressure levels specially when the levels are high.

  • Works as an antibacterial

Works as an antibacterial

Green tea is a strong antioxidant which helps in preventing your body from the bacteria and harmful viruses.The green tea also known to reduce the contagious diseases like the flu, etc.

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